Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Beehive Aberration

For this collection, Jean Sweet, Photographer /Art Director, assigned the hairstyling team a challenge – to create a modern version of the Beehive hairdo using a unique texture technique to create an aberration from the traditional hair shape. Hairstylist Stephanie Pegues (Panache Hair Designs) used the model’s own hair texture (model Alex), adding textured hair tracks for length and using plenty of White Sands Liquid Firm to build a strong shape in the hair. Melissa Ingersoll (Allure Salon) set her model’s long hair (model Claire) with a large barrel curling iron, teased the hair packing down the base, formed large messy curls and pinned them in place to create a silhouette of height using White Sands Infinity Firm Hairspray. Mel Terhune (Allure Salon) created a wire form structure to place on the top of her model’s head (model Danielle) to hold the mass of multi- textural curls she created using Enzo Milano clipless irons in various widths. 
Wardrobe provided by Gypsy Couture, styled by Claire Ann.  
Makeup- Jessica Sawicki, Bomber Betty Custom Cosmetics

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